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Kim Springer-Smith is an American award-winning painter and printmaker.  She is a former Artist-in-Residence for the State of Oklahoma in the U.S.A., and also a former adjunct professor of art at several universities in central Oklahoma.  

She currently resides in the Wimberley, Texas area after living for several years in Bonn, Germany.  Her former studio was located in Bad Godesberg, where she created works in fused glass and in traditional stained glass.  She taught glass classes there for both beginners and advanced students in her workshop.

In addition, she produces her own bespoke, one-of-a-kind commission pieces for clients, as well as pieces for galleries and shows.

Kim received her first recognition as a professional artist soon after completing her Master's Degree of Fine Arts at the University of Oklahoma in 1987.  Her primary focus during this time was with painting (oil & acrylic, mixed media), and printmaking, including silkscreen printing, etching, intaglio and traditional stone lithography.

After completing her Master's Degree, she embarked on a trip to Mauritania & Senegal---a journey that would influence and change her art completely.  The colors and contrasts of West Africa were exhibited in a series of large pastel drawings entitled "Coleurs d'Afrique", which became a strong artistic and commercial success.  This series of drawings would continue to influence her artwork from that time forward.

Upon returning to Oklahoma from Africa, Kim began a teaching and workshop career as an Artist-in-Residence for the State of Oklahoma.  During this time, she taught both adults and children throughout the state about drawing, painting and art.  She created numerous large-scale murals for both schools and institutions.  She also taught as an Adjunct Professor of Art at Cameron University in Lawton, Oklahoma, and at Oklahoma City Community College and Oklahoma City University.  Later, she became a full-time instructor of Printmaking, Drawing and Color Theory at Moorhead State University in Moorhead, Minnesota.

Recently, Kim spent four years living, traveling, and making art in Europe.  Her travels included extensive explorations in Italy, France, and Germany, and studying much of the historic European art available there.  She was able to experience the rich and cultured history of the region through art and architecture, and now these experiences are incorporated into her paintings and glass works.

Springer-Smith's art has always reflected her deep interest in human archetypes and symbols, botanical objects, flowers & plants, sexuality, mythology and the female figure.  All of these come together in a unique and innovative style within her multi-faceted work.


See Me at Work in the Studio

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