"Creative Acrylic Painting" is an online course designed to acquaint both beginners and experienced acrylic painters alike with the layering techniques used by Kim Springer-Smith in her own paintings.  Kim has painted for years using values and neutral tones in grays and browns to create an "underpainting".  Once this "underpainting" is complete, then she uses layer upon layer of translucent glazes, either in acrylic or oil, to add color and depth to her work.

Each session is appropriate for beginners and experienced acrylic painters alike. Either session is appropriate for any level.  However, with each subsequent Session completed, students will gain more and more skill, creativity and painting confidence. The course is designed to meet each individual at his/her own level and help everyone improve.

Session 1 (4 weeks) May 16-June 6, 2020

Cost: $200

Week 1: Brief discussion & introductions. Explanation of supplies & goals. Demonstrations. Painting

Week 2: Brief discussion & feedback. Painting and consultation 

Week 3: Continue Painting together with consultation and feedback

Week 4: Continue/Finish underpainting.  Consultation and recommendations.

Session 2 (4 weeks) June 13-July 4, 2020

Cost: $200

Week 1: Brief discussions & introductions.  Demonstration & painting.

Week 2: Continuation of painting and consultations

Week 3: Continuation of painting and consultations

Week 4: Continuation/completion of paintings.

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